Harvest Scientific Services is a trading name for Harvest Group Services and is the entity responsible for carrying our numerous environmental assignments for a broad range of development proposals and activities, primarily in the Sydney Basin.

Through working together with individuals, developers, local and state governmental organisations, we bring to you friendly, efficient and reliable services at competitive prices. Our mission statement is to:

  • Provide a high quality, independent and professional service to all clients;
  • Provide sound advice and expertise to a range of clients in the areas of civil, geotechnical, geological and environmental investigations; and
  • Assist in the responsible exploration, development and management of natural resources in an environmentally acceptable manner.


  • We have an excellent and up-to-date working knowledge of all of the regulatory Acts and guidelines covering the vast majority of environmental issues;
  • We have an excellent reputation with the local councils and a range of other essential regulatory bodies;
  • We have in excess 30 years of industry experience; and
  • We get the job done on time and on budget.


In association with our professional partners, we routinely provide the following technical services and assessments:

  • Environmental and Project management
  • Contamination site investigations
  • Soil and water management and monitoring
  • Salinity Assessments
  • Wastewater modelling and design
  • Geotechnical investigations

Furthermore, we also facilitate the following technical assessments:

  • European and Aboriginal Heritage
  • Noise, dust, and odour
  • Soil and water analysis
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Bushfire
  • Traffic
By combining with a range of experts, we are able to manage your project in a cost effective and efficient manner. Our clients include major corporations, state government instrumentalities, land and property developers as well as individuals. All clients, whether they are large or small, receive the same quality approach and consideration.

No project is too small or large for the Harvest team